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What to Consider Before Removing Trees

Before you choose between Tree Removal and Maintenance, you need to check if the tree is from a desirable species or whether it is from the undesirable ones. There are species such as Eucalypts,Lilli Pilli; catalpa and willows are some of the undesirable species. This trees exhibit some characteristics which make them weak and prone to breakages. If your trees start dropping large debris or have shallow lawns that damage your lawns and pavements, or are susceptible to diseases, then Tree Removal and Maintenance may be necessary.
Consequently, how health the trees are determines whether you choose between Hurstville Tree Removal and Maintenance. If you realize that 50 % of the tree has been damaged, the tree should be eliminated. However, you need to note that a tree that has been damaged can still survive for many years although it may have unlimited growth. If the trees has been damaged by herbicides, the tree can be allowed time to recover or it can be removed if it does not show any sign of recovery.

How to know whether Tree Removal and Maintenance can work

It is easier to tell whether it is appropriate to carry out Tree Removal and Maintenance. Commence by checking the trunk. Is the trunk damaged or not? Check whether there are vertical cracks or seams on the trunk of the tree. You also need to check whether there are stubs or not. If there are older wounds on the tree, it could be signs of decay. In some cases, when there are several damages to the trunk of the tree, it may suggest internal decay and this may call for the tree to be removed.
The other thing you must consider before choosing between Tree Removal and Lopping Hurstville is whether the tree is hollow or not. If the tree does not have the life support tissues such as the phloem and the xylem, it may not survive for long and therefore removing it could be the best option. However, you need to note that many trees will live for long even with a hollow trunk. If the trunk strength is not compromised, the tree can survive for a couple of years. Choosing between Tree Removal Hurstville and Maintenance could also depend on the damage on the trunk and the number of branches that are already dead. The general rule is that if a third of the trunk is dead, the tree should be removed.